Photograph of People Seated at an Event

Unfortunately this interesting photograph lacks a caption or any additional information on the reverse side, so any information you may have about this photograph is valuable.


Can you tell us anything about this image that should be added to its record?  If you can, please share with us in the comments section!

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5 thoughts on “Photograph of People Seated at an Event

  1. Walter Guy Brown Jr.

    Could that be Lindberg in the rocker?

  2. That is Panama?


  3. Joe Wood

    It appears to be Charles Lindbergh at a swimming event at the Balboa Pool, along with other dignitaries, that could be the Governor of the Canal Zone, the US Military Commander and others. In the 30’s, the “Red, White and Blue Troupe” was a world-famous Canal Zone swimming and diving group that performed for visiting dignitaries.

  4. Cleveland Soper

    All Glass Plate Photographs had a date at the bottom of the picture that would help id them. ie Nov.3 Panama IndependenceDay. This picture is so close that its hard to see anything to help identify it. Sometimes there are several shots taken of the same party and that helps. If this picture is from the original set of Glass Plates, there is an Index book that could help you. I don’t have one. Sorry. cleve soper

  5. Akro is the airship flew over the cities of Panama and Colon in March 1933

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