Volunteer Spotlight

Sarah Calise

Sarah has been working with the collection since the Spring semester of 2013, focusing on processing and updating records for objects in our envelope files.  Recently, she has been assisting the curators of the Health Science Center Libraries select objects for their 2014 Centennial exhibit.  


Sarah always has a smile!

Sarah always has a smile!

B.A. in History. Currently, I’m an employee of the Latin American Collection at UF.

What made you want to volunteer with the PCM collection?

First and foremost, the story of the Zonians intrigued me. I wanted to learn more about the development of an American society within a completely different country, and to what extent the different cultures interacted and influenced each other. Secondly, I wish to pursue a career in public history and archival work within museums or academic institutions, so I thought the PCM was the perfect place to gain experience.

What has been your favorite part of working with the collection?

I have worked extensively with the envelope files, and I love it because opening up each one is always a surprise—I never know what I’ll find! From WWII telegrams to the story of a 1,000lb marlin to the many spirited photographs of high school football games, the PCM collection is truly unique. Also, I love the people who work with the collection!

What is your favorite object in the collection and why?

My favorite objects are definitely all of the molas. They are beautiful and vibrant. I hope to own one someday.

What is your favorite color?

Electric blue!

Hard at work, updating our collections database

Hard at work, updating our collections database