Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Bat Mola

In the spirit of Halloween, we would like to share with you our spooky mola of a bat. Have you ever seen a mola of a bat before? Is this an animal commonly… Continue reading

Flag Ceremony 1979

I can’t believe it is already October 30th, and in honor of another 30th, we are sharing a Flag Ceremony program for September 30, 1979. Unfortunately, we can not fully read the location… Continue reading


The only caption for this image provides us with a date: Nov. 27, 1953. Please help us learn more about this image. Does anyone recognize the objects on the table? What were their… Continue reading


Welcome back from the weekend, everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Even though its Monday, can you please help us learn more about this caption-less party?Does anyone know the people in the… Continue reading

Women at A Banquet Table

  Happy Friday, everyone! In honor of the weekend, we found a festive image of a party. Unfortunately we do not know who they are or what they are celebrating. Please help us… Continue reading

Aerial View of Buildings

We came across this aerial image of a group of buildings, but no title or caption was given. Can you please help us identify these buildings and area? What city are these buildings… Continue reading

Sanblas Mola

Please help us identify this fascinating creature featured on the molas in our collection.What do you think it is? Have you ever seen this creature or design before? Is it an animal? Is… Continue reading

Using the PCM Collection as a Research Collection

The two most common questions the PCM Collection staff receives are: “Where is the collection now that the Panama Canal Museum has closed?”   The collection is housed in two locations: 1.)    Larger,… Continue reading

Santa Ana Plaza

The caption tells us that this photograph was taken at Santa Ana Plaza in Panama. We are looking to expand our knowledge about the location and surrounding buildings.Can anyone identify the buildings surrounding… Continue reading

Man at a Meeting

We have discovered this photograph of this man in our vault. We can not identify who he is or where he is. Can you please help us solve this mystery? We are looking… Continue reading