Monthly Archive: June, 2014

Curundu Junior High School

This undated aerial photograph features Curundu Junior High School.  Do you have any information that could help us add a date to this photo’s record?   The domed building at Curundu Junior High… Continue reading

Rainbow City High School

This 1959 photograph shows the Rainbow City High School. Did you attend Rainbow City High in 1959, or any other year?  If so, tell us what you remember about your school days here.

Panama Canal Motor Car No. 4

Unfortunately, we do not have much information on this record. Can you identify anyone in this photograph? Where might have this photograph been taken? If you can share any additional information, please share… Continue reading

Pedro Miguel Elementary

Pictured here is Pedro Miguel Elementary School as it was in 1959. What do you remember about Pedo Miguel Elementary School?

Silver City Elementary School, 1948

  Also from 1948, this photograph features the Silver City Elementary School building.  What are your memories of this school?  

Silver City Occupational High School, 1948

This 1948 photograph features the shop building at Silver City Occupational High School. Did you ever take a shop class here?

Gamboa Elementary School

We are loving all the classic cars in these school building photographs!  This photo of Gamboa Elementary School is from 1959. Did you or any of your family attend Gamboa Elementary School in… Continue reading

Thank You, Commenters and Readers!

In preparation for the upcoming Panama Canal Society Reunion in Orlando next weekend, we would like to extend a big huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped to make this blog such… Continue reading

Fort Gulick Elementary School

There is no date associated with this photograph of Fort Gulick Elementary School.  Can anyone help? What are your memories of riding a bus like this to school?  We wish this photograph were… Continue reading

Curundu Elementary School

This birds-eye view of Curundu Elementary is undated.  Can anyone help us add a date to this photograph’s record? Will any Curundu Elementary alumni be at the Panama Canal Society Reunion next weekend?  We hope… Continue reading