Presenting Canal Zone Schools

Beginning today and continuing up to the Panama Canal Society Reunion, we will be featuring images of school buildings from the Panama Canal Zone!

The school buildings represented are a small selection from the Panama Canal Museum Collection and depict a portion of the rich history of public education in the Canal Zone, including buildings that changed in names, locations, and grade levels over the years of school operations.

Please share your thoughts, memories, and any other information you have about these photographs in the comments section!

We would like to extend a special thanks to  Joe Wood, Kathy Egolf, Frank and Marvel Townsend, Syd Corbett, Mit Parsons, Andy Nash, Bill McLaughlin, and Edith Crouch for their assistance in identifying schools and looking over the images.

These images will also be on view in the Panama Canal Museum Collection Room at the reunion.  We hope to see you there!