Monthly Archive: July, 2014

West Indian Women

Unfortunately, we do not have any extra information on this photograph. What are these women doing? When might this photograph have been taken? Where would these settlements have been? How was the West… Continue reading

Countrywomen visit village on Feast Day

In this photograph we have a scene of men and women coming to the village for the Feast Day. What might the people in the background of this photograph be doing? When might… Continue reading

Two Kuna Women

This photograph was also from the 1930s in San Blas, but we do not have any other information. How many of you have gone to San Blas? Share your memories with us in… Continue reading

Kuna Woman

We know this woman was photographed in San Blas around the 1930s, but unfortunately we do not have any extra information. We would greatly appreciate your support in helping us add  more information!… Continue reading

Unidentified workers at work camp

We have this photograph of two unidentified men at their work camp. Does anyone recognize either of the two gentlemen? What might have been the jobs of these two men? Can you identify… Continue reading

Truck at Pier 18

We know this scene was taken in the 1940s, according to our records, but what else should we know about this scene? Where is Pier 18? Why does this car not have a… Continue reading

Man in White

Unfortunately we do not have any information on the man in this photograph. Can anyone identify who this is or what he might be doing? Please share with us in the comments section… Continue reading

Construction of short railroad spur

This photograph, along with many other ones, shows the construction of a short railroad spur to permit the removal of locomotive 299 from a site on the Balboa Railroad Station. What exactly are… Continue reading

Gatun Spillway

This photograph, dated 1935, shows Mike Refcofski with his daughter Veronica fishing in the Gatun spillway. What fish species have they caught? What was the variety of fish species in Gatun Lake and the… Continue reading

Junior All Stars

This photograph was also taken at Balboa High School, but we do not have any more metadata on this record. Please help us add more! Do you recognize anyone? Who might that young man… Continue reading