Diablo/Diablo Heights Elementary and Diablo Junior High School

Several Canal Zone school buildings were used for different grade levels at various times throughout their history; others transferred the school names to new buildings as they were constructed or relocated. Diablo/Diablo Heights Elementary and Diablo Junior High School were part of that practice.


The wooden building pictured was part of a collection of several structures that made up Diablo Elementary School by the 1980s. During that time only the first floor was used for school activities as the second floor was closed for use.

diabloJuniorHigh (2)

The Diablo Junior High School occupied one of the buildings that were later used as classroom spaces for Diablo Elementary School. There are some conflicting recollections about whether the older wooden building or one of the newer concrete structures housed the junior high students. Either way, Diablo Junior High School was in use in the 1960s between the time Balboa Junior High School closed and Curundu Junior High School was constructed. Once the middle grades were relocated to Curundu the building was used for elementary school activities.