Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Trains at Work on the Panama Canal

The first image featured today is an informal photograph included in an album of film negatives that were taken in 1909 by A.G. Bedell. It shows a work crew standing on the tracks by… Continue reading

Old Box Car Bodies Used as Living Quarters

The image featured today is another 1910 government photograph that focuses on the relocation of the Panama Railroad. The reuse and repurposing of materials in constructing living quarters to accommodate the large workforce… Continue reading

Pacific Entrance of the Panama Canal Showing Also Train Yard at La Boca

This is one of a number of photographic postcards by I.L. Maduro Jr. in the PCM Collection. It features a nice view of the Canal in the distance, and like a great many other… Continue reading

View of a Train Approaching

As noted in a previous post featuring government photographs of the Panama Railroad, there were many people working on the Canal who took photographs to keep as mementos or to send home to share the… Continue reading

Relocation of the P.R.R., 1910

The full title of this government photograph reads Relocation P.R.R. – The Quebrancho Bottom, looking South. This embankment will be 1700 feet long and contain 800,000 cubic yards. June 1910. The Panama Railroad was… Continue reading

Front Street and Panama R.R. Yard. Colon, 1907

Today we are featuring the second train-related image in the series of posts celebrating the 160th anniversary of the Panama Railroad and leading up to the Panama Canal Society Reunion. This Construction Era image… Continue reading

Panama Railroad

The date of the annual Panama Canal Society Reunion in Orlando is fast-approaching and in anticipation we will be featuring images related to the Panama Railroad between now and July 3rd, commemorating the 160th… Continue reading

Cacti and shrubbery

We have this interesting photograph of some cacti growing in Panama! Where might this photograph have been taken? Do you know where to find cacti in Panama? Please share with us in the… Continue reading

Cine Victoria

The building in the photograph has a sign out front saying “Cine Victoria”. What is this “Cine Victoria”? Where was this photograph taken? What can you tell us about this photograph? Please share… Continue reading

Three men and two women

We don’t have much information on this object. Please help us add more! Can you identify anyone in this photograph? When do you think this photograph might have been taken? Please share with… Continue reading