Monthly Archive: July, 2015


We don’t have much information on this object. Please help us add more! When do you think this photograph might have been taken? Have you been to Chorrera? Please share with us in… Continue reading

Mosquito Control

There is not much information in this photo’s record. Please help us add more! As there is no description in the record– is there anything you think we should know about this image? When you… Continue reading

Fish Fry

We know this event took place at Ancon M.E.D. Yard in honor of Col. Selee and Col. Ker on August 13, 1948, as stated on the caption. What can you tell us about Col.… Continue reading

Panama City

This postcard features a photo of what Panama City used to look like! Do you remember Panama City like this or know what year it may have been taken? Please share with us… Continue reading

Survey Reminder

The 2015 Panama Canal Survey closes soon! If you have already taken the survey (online or at the Panama Canal Society Reunion), thank you! If you haven’t completed it yet, you are invited to… Continue reading

Hat Weavers

This postcard showcases two women weaving the hats. Have you seen this process in person? What can you tell us about it? Please share with us in the comments section below!

Redeemer Lutheran Church and Service Center

The back of this postcard stated that the Redeemer Lutheran Church and Service Center was dedicated in November 1948. Did you attend this church? What could you tell us about it? Was the California… Continue reading

Governor Potter at the Carnival

We know this photograph was taken at the 1959 Balboa Carnival. Do you recognize anyone in the background of this photograph? What are your memories of carnival in Balboa? Please share with us… Continue reading

Panama Canal Society Survey

Have you taken the Panama Canal Society Survey? Click here to take the survey We invite you to follow the link and take 10 minutes to complete this short survey, which will help us understand how academic… Continue reading

The Golden Altar in San Jose Church

This postcard depicts the golden altar at the San Jose Church. This postcard does have a message on the back of it! Have you attended the San Jose Church? Is this postcard an… Continue reading