Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Florence Neville Miller at Lock

Florence and her family visited many sites of the Canal during the construction era. As she looks off into the distance, what do you think Florence and her family were thinking about when… Continue reading

Parade Colon 1952

The object record indicates that this photograph was taken on Memorial Day in 1952. Is this how you remember the Memorial Day parades?  What are your specific memories of celebrating Memorial Day in Panama… Continue reading

Supply Department

We know this photograph was taken in the 1950s. Did you or someone you knew work for the supply department?  Can you help us identify anyone in this photograph? If so, please be… Continue reading

Operation Just Cause

We have a collection of photographs depicting some scenes from Operation Just Cause. Where were you when the operation started?  What are your personal memories of that time?  What do you want others to… Continue reading

Party Group

Information attached to this object states “15th Naval District Group, someone’s home, circa 1944-1945”. Were you a part of the 15th Naval District group or know someone who was?  Can you identify anyone in… Continue reading

Archery Judge

According to the record, we know this photograph was taken in the 1950s. Can anyone help us to identify this archery judge?  There is no name included in the object record. What memories do… Continue reading

Beginning of a Piragua

We have this interesting photograph, but not much data attached with it. Can you help us add more? We know this type of boat is typically used in shallow areas, so did you ever see piraguas… Continue reading

Taboga Island

The object record indicates that this photo was taken on Taboga Island, but no other information is available.  Is there anything else you think we should add to this item’s record? Do you… Continue reading

Jamboree Parade

The caption on the back of this photograph reads “CHS-BHS, Cheerleaders 1968”. Were you a CHS or BHS Cheerleader in 1968? Or can you identify anyone in this photograph? What can you tell us about the Jamboree Parade?… Continue reading

Flag Demonstration

This photograph depicts a crowd surrounding two Panamanian flags. Other community members were already bringing this up to us in their recently recorded oral histories.  What stories do you want to share with… Continue reading