Monthly Archive: May, 2018

From the Stacks: Lights, Camera, Action!

In this photograph, young girls in costume perform for a camera crew. Can you identify the people in this photo? Do you know what these girls were performing? Do you know which year… Continue reading

From the Stacks: Sack Race

Here we see a mad dash for the finish line in a photo labeled “Margarita MRA sack race.” Can you confirm if “MRA” is the Margarita Recreational Association? What do you know about… Continue reading

From the Stacks: President William Howard Taft

This photograph is from 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft’s visit to the Canal Zone. Check out the Library of Congress website for videos of Taft’s visit:¬† This website suggests… Continue reading

From the Stacks: Captain’s Dinner on the Panama Line

Here we see a menu from a Captain’s Dinner for the U.S.S. Ancon on June 17, 1951, complete with a watercolor image of the Panama Canal. . Did you ever attend a special… Continue reading

From the Stacks: Red Wing Grasshopper

This Red Wing Grasshopper is a part of the Luke C. Palumbo (1912 – 2006) Insect Collection. The insects, amphibians, marine life and other jungle “critters” in this collection come from Coach Palumbo’s… Continue reading