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Cheering for the Team

Yet another great sports find! This Cristobal High School cheerleader uniform’s colors are still so vivid. We have some digitized cheers from Balboa High School, what would CHS game attendees cheer back? Cristobal… Continue reading

Physical Education Rompers

Does this familiar attire bring back memories of Canal Zone P.E. class? After speaking with some members of the Friends of the PCMC, rompers seem to be making a comeback—-in male fashion! Would you… Continue reading

Canal Zone College

The Canal Zone College occupied various buildings at different points in time, and was also called Canal Zone Junior College, Canal Zone College, and Panama Canal College throughout its history.   Are you… Continue reading

Cristobal High School

The first image of a building surrounded by palm trees at the edge of a grassy field is labeled Cristobal High School, however there has been some discussion about whether this is actually… Continue reading

Paraiso Junior-Senior High School

The 1961 photograph featured here shows an architecturally interesting building that is labeled Paraiso Junior Senior High School Shop. What are your memories of being a student or teacher at Paraiso Junior-Senior High… Continue reading

Balboa Junior High School

This photograph of Balboa Junior High School is undated.   Can anyone help us identify what year this photo may have been taken?    

Balboa High School

Originally, Balboa High School was housed in the building that later became Balboa Elementary School. The iconic Balboa High School building was not erected until 1942. What are your memories of Balboa High… Continue reading

Diablo/Diablo Heights Elementary and Diablo Junior High School

Several Canal Zone school buildings were used for different grade levels at various times throughout their history; others transferred the school names to new buildings as they were constructed or relocated. Diablo/Diablo Heights… Continue reading

Curundu Junior High School

This undated aerial photograph features Curundu Junior High School.  Do you have any information that could help us add a date to this photo’s record?   The domed building at Curundu Junior High… Continue reading

Rainbow City High School

This 1959 photograph shows the Rainbow City High School. Did you attend Rainbow City High in 1959, or any other year?  If so, tell us what you remember about your school days here.