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Object of the Day: Employee ID Card

We are well underway with our archival rehousing efforts, and I enjoy coming across some entertaining items. Here is an identification card for Theodore P. McGann, providing an interesting method of identifying him:… Continue reading

Object of the Day: Ashtray, c. 1930

I am so amused with this ashtray; I have never seen one like it! It was recovered by Bill Badders from the bottom of Gatun Lake in the early 1930s. The underside is… Continue reading

Item of the Week: Abou Saad Shrine Fez

We are finding some interesting items as we rehouse the collection, including this Greeter Shrine Fez from the Abou Saad Temple. Was anyone a member of this group? What was your experience like?

Cheering for the Team

Yet another great sports find! This Cristobal High School cheerleader uniform’s colors are still so vivid. We have some digitized cheers from Balboa High School, what would CHS game attendees cheer back? Cristobal… Continue reading

Physical Education Rompers

Does this familiar attire bring back memories of Canal Zone P.E. class? After speaking with some members of the Friends of the PCMC, rompers seem to be making a comeback—-in male fashion! Would you… Continue reading

Florence Neville Miller at Lock

Florence and her family visited many sites of the Canal during the construction era. As she looks off into the distance, what do you think Florence and her family were thinking about when… Continue reading

Parade Colon 1952

The object record indicates that this photograph was taken on Memorial Day in 1952. Is this how you remember the Memorial Day parades?  What are your specific memories of celebrating Memorial Day in Panama… Continue reading

Supply Department

We know this photograph was taken in the 1950s. Did you or someone you knew work for the supply department?  Can you help us identify anyone in this photograph? If so, please be… Continue reading

Operation Just Cause

We have a collection of photographs depicting some scenes from Operation Just Cause. Where were you when the operation started?  What are your personal memories of that time?  What do you want others to… Continue reading

Party Group

Information attached to this object states “15th Naval District Group, someone’s home, circa 1944-1945”. Were you a part of the 15th Naval District group or know someone who was?  Can you identify anyone in… Continue reading