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The Canal Zone – Then and Now / “A Land Divided, a World United”

Thanks to Joe Wood for sharing this interesting video with the PCMC team! The video description reads, “This publication covers 150 historical photos (Then), in black and white, from 1904 to 1941 and… Continue reading

Can you identify this neighborhood?

We need your help with identifying the location and purpose of these buildings. We assume that they are residential buildings. Please click each image to enlarge and comment below, including the photo number… Continue reading

Do you know what this sport is called?

Hello, PCMC members! We need your help with identifying the sport represented in these photographs. Our best guesses are Rugby and Gaelic Football, but we are hoping someone who have played the sport… Continue reading

Espionage in the Canal Zone

In our collections, there are photographs of the seemingly unassuming U.S. passenger ship called the SS America. However, this ship was implicated in the largest espionage case in U.S. history while it was in the… Continue reading

Be a part of our 2019 exhibition

We are calling for stories to include in our 2019 exhibition at the Albert H. Nahmad Panama Canal Gallery at the University of Florida. 2019 marks the anniversary of many major events that… Continue reading

From the Stacks: Queen Lois I

We have a multitude of photographs of Queen Lois I in the collection, including some of her pictured with her court, thanks to donations from the Katya De LaMatier Collection. Lois was crowned Carnival… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from PCMC!

Happy Thanksgiving, PCMC members! We hope you are enjoying this holiday with food, family, and friends. To celebrate, here is a menu for Thanksgiving in 1966 aboard the S.S. Cristobal. The menu features… Continue reading

Contribute to The New Cocolí Dictionary

The New Cocolí Dictionary, compiled by Carl N. Berg and Patricia D. Propst, presents the most common definition or understanding of names, words, and phrases that were familiar during the American Era of… Continue reading

Happy Halloween from PCMC!

Hello, PCMC members! We hope you are having a wonderfully spooky Halloween. To celebrate, here is a photo with Halloween spirit! Our records say that these women were called the “Commissary Girls” and… Continue reading

Can you identify these club members?

Hello, PCMC members! We are on a quest to identify the members of the Pacific Sailfish Club pictured in this photograph: If you think you know who someone is, please give us their… Continue reading