Learning History in the Canal Zone

This week, we came across several newspapers from the French Era in the collection. Below are images of De Lesseps and his engineers in Panama (February 14, 1880) and De Lesseps and his… Continue reading

Final Day of the Canal Zone

Today marks 40 years since the final day of the Canal Zone, September 30, 1979. Below are photographs from the flag-lowering ceremony at the Administration Building, as well as envelope covers indicating the… Continue reading

Hot off the Press!

Recently the PCMC collection assistants have been working to reorganize all of the serial publications in the collection. Shown here are September issues of The Panama Bulldozer (1943), The Panama Canal Review (1954),… Continue reading

Do You Recognize this Sporting Event?

We need your help identifying this event! Notice the sign reads “#7 Gamboa” and the girls on the right are wearing shirts with different words on them, perhaps their names.

Can You Identify This Group?

We need your help gathering information about this photograph! Our records label it “Unknown CZ lodge or organization – early 1900’s Members Picnic.” Can you identify this group of men or their location?… Continue reading

Astronauts in the Zone

In only one more day, it will have been fifty years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their historic steps on the moon. We have several photos in the collection of NASA… Continue reading


In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing, please enjoy this signed copy of Earthrise from the collection, donated by Bill Anders and Bob Gibson. The photograph is an… Continue reading

Creatures of the Zone

Coatis and snakes and sloths, oh my! Here is a selection of animal photos from the collection. Which wild animals did you frequently see in the Canal Zone? Were they in residential areas?… Continue reading

Fourth of July in the Canal Zone

Happy Independence Day from PCMC! We have several items in the collection showing how Zonians celebrated the Fourth of July throughout the years. How did you celebrate Independence Day in the Canal Zone?… Continue reading

From the Stacks: Jacqueline Cochran

On this day in 1954, pilot Jacqueline Cochran visited the Canal Zone. Just over a year prior, she became the first woman to break the sound barrier. She is pictured here visiting the… Continue reading