Taboga Island

The object record indicates that this photo was taken on Taboga Island, but no other information is available.  Is there anything else you think we should add to this item’s record? Do you… Continue reading

Jamboree Parade

The caption on the back of this photograph reads “CHS-BHS, Cheerleaders 1968”. Were you a CHS or BHS Cheerleader in 1968? Or can you identify anyone in this photograph? What can you tell us about the Jamboree Parade?… Continue reading

Flag Demonstration

This photograph depicts a crowd surrounding two Panamanian flags. Other community members were already bringing this up to us in their recently recorded oral histories.  What stories do you want to share with… Continue reading

Picnic Scene

The object’s record indicates that this photograph was taken around 1910. It looks like some people in this photograph may be wearing bathing suits (such as they were at the time) which indicates that… Continue reading

A close shave at a bull fight

The handwriting on the back of this photograph reads  “I have only seen one of these & that is plenty.” Did you ever see a bull fight in Panama?  Do you agree with… Continue reading

Meal Time at an ICC Kitchen

According to the caption, this photograph was taken in the Upper Rio Grande, presumably by Ernest Hallen. This is a great photo that has captured a moment of what life was like for many workers… Continue reading

Amy McCormack

      We found this lovely portrait of  Amy McCormack in the collection.  Perhaps that is the typewriter she used to write “South to Panama”– what do you think? Did you know Amy… Continue reading

Liberty Party

The writing at the bottom of this photograph reads “Liberty Party Pedro Miguel”. There is no other information associated with this image.  Can you add anything? Does the term “Liberty Party” have meaning… Continue reading

Transfer Ceremony

We have a large collection of photographs from the Transfer Ceremony, including this one. Were you present for the transfer ceremony?  What do you remember most from that day?  What do you want others… Continue reading

Coconut Grove

The object record states that this photograph was taken at Fort San Lorenzo. What are your memories of Fort San Lorenzo? Is there any other information you think we should know about this photograph? Please share your memories with us in… Continue reading