Group Picture

Unfortunately there is no caption for this photograph. Do you know why these men are posing for a group photograph or when this was? Do you recognize the building or the people in… Continue reading

Volunteer Spotlight

Stephanie Marie McComber Stephanie began volunteering with the PCM collection at the end of the summer and is continuing to volunteer with us through the fall semester.  At present, Stephanie is dedicated to… Continue reading

Campsite Scene

On the back of this photograph, a handwritten caption reads “Caũa Saddle.” Does anyone know anything about the caption? Do you recognize the figure in the foreground or the campsite behind him? What… Continue reading

Cocktail Party

The photograph of this party was taken during the 1950s,  but we need more information. We know one man pictured is R. J. Tomford– but where is he in this photo?  Can you… Continue reading

A Restaurant And Its Proprietress

The caption on the back of this photograph reads “Interior view of restaurant showing proprietress.” Does anyone recognize the people in this photograph?  We are looking for a location and estimated date. Perhaps… Continue reading

Street Scene

The caption on the back of this photograph reads “Agent Pacific Mail.”  Does anyone know why this photograph has this caption? The street is perhaps beside a canal or a river– can you… Continue reading

Stone Building Ruins

Can anyone identify the location of this photograph?  It looks like the ruins of a large stone building. Perhaps you know who took this photograph or the estimated date? Does this building have… Continue reading

Feast Days

The caption on the back of this photograph says “Montunas de Ocu, Countrywomen walk many miles visit to villages on Feast Days.” Does anyone recognize these people? We are also looking for an… Continue reading

Railroad Scene

This photograph does not have a caption. Can anyone recognize the area? We are looking for an estimated date and location for the photograph. Do you know anything about what is being built?… Continue reading

Coupon Booklet

We have come across several of these coupon books in the collection, but the records would benefit from some additional information. This coupon book was issued to F. C. Bitter in November of… Continue reading