General Map of the Canal Zone

This map of the Canal Zone was created in November of 1905 by the Isthmian Canal Commission.  To view it at full size, with more detail, simply click the image to view it… Continue reading

U. S. N. Floating Dry Dock AFDM-1, Miraflores Locks

What is the purpose of a floating dry dock in the canal? Did you or someone you know work on this (or another) floating dry dock?  What type of work did it entail?… Continue reading

Oral Histories

If you are interested in listening to stories from the Canal Zone, as told by the people who lived there, you will want to check out the collection of fabulous oral histories we… Continue reading

Construction Crews in a Lock Chamber

This striking panoramic photograph is a favorite of the library staff who work with the collection.  It has been featured in many of our publicity materials.  Perhaps because it so well conveys the… Continue reading

Pirates of the Original Panama Canal

Pat Kearns sent us a wonderful article featured in Archaeology Magazine.  Follow the link to give it a read. Pirates of the Original Panama Canal:  Searching for the remains of Captain Henry Morgan’s… Continue reading

Military Photograph

Our records indicate that this photograph was on display in the Panama Canal Museum in Seminole.  It’s a fascinating photo, with a lot going on, so we would really love to know more… Continue reading

The Valley Marketplace

Have you ever been to The Valley Marketplace on a Sunday at dawn?     We know that this postcard features a photograph of The Valley Marketplace in 1978. Where is this marketplace?… Continue reading

Canal Zone Yearbooks

Did you know that The University of Florida Digital Collections has already digitized many yearbooks from Canal Zone schools? Find yours here:!

American Children, Panama Beach

What are these children digging for?  Is it buried treasure? Was this a common activity to see on Panama Beach?  Are these children working or playing? Are they perhaps digging for clams or… Continue reading

Volunteer Spotlight

Sarah Calise Sarah has been working with the collection since the Spring semester of 2013, focusing on processing and updating records for objects in our envelope files.  Recently, she has been assisting the… Continue reading