C-54D Model Airplane

No, we don’t have a real airplane in the collection– but we do have this cool model plane! Have you ever flown in a C-54D airplane, either as a passenger or at the… Continue reading

Fastlich Baseball Team with Jim O’Donnell

Play Ball! The only information we have about this photograph is in the title– it’s the Fastlich Baseball team with Jim O’Donnell.  But who is Jim O’Donnell?  Is he the coach?  Where is… Continue reading

Staff Spotlight

Rebecca Fitzsimmons Program Assistant What do you do in an average day at work? My job encompasses a lot of separate elements of the Panama Canal Museum Collection grant project, so on a… Continue reading

Culebra YMCA Bowling Alley

  This photograph was taken from the PCM collection but has very little information associated with it.  The only thing we know is the donor (Sam Beckley) and the location. Can anyone add… Continue reading

An Untitled Photograph

This uncaptioned photograph is from the Leonard Carpenter Panama Canal Collection.   This photograph has no information associated with it. Can anyone help us name this building, its location, or its function? Please… Continue reading

Processing the Collection

Have a look at what we’ve been up to! As you can see, all of the collections volunteers have been working hard, processing, recording, photographing, and labeling objects in the Panama Canal Museum… Continue reading