In The Trenches

This image comes from a collection of photographs within the Carpenter Collection that is described as, “Photographs: U.S. Soldiers (Unidentified), Panama Canal”. The year has been recorded as 1920, but we have no… Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend

This photograph comes from the Carpenter Collection of photographs which is described only as, “Miscellaneous Photos and Negatives, Panama Canal”. Can you add any information to this charming photo? We just love the… Continue reading

Bull Fight

Toro!  Have you ever been to a bull fight in Panama?  Were events like this common? The only information we have for this postcard comes from the text on the front. Can anyone… Continue reading

Canal Records

Digitized copies of The Canal Record publications from 1950 – 2010 have been made available by The University of Florida Digital Collections. Re-visit your favorite photographs and catch up on Panama Canal Society members’… Continue reading

Balboa Club Swimming Pool

It’s another hot and humid summer day in Gainesville, and that swimming pool sure looks inviting! Did you have to be a club member to swim at the Balboa Club Swimming Pool? This… Continue reading

Cassia Spectabilis Tree in Flower

Did you have a Cassia spectabilis tree in your yard in the Canal Zone?  Or have you ever seen one somewhere outside of the Caribbean? Did you keep a garden in the Canal Zone?  If… Continue reading

General Map of the Canal Zone

This map of the Canal Zone was created in November of 1905 by the Isthmian Canal Commission.  To view it at full size, with more detail, simply click the image to view it… Continue reading

U. S. N. Floating Dry Dock AFDM-1, Miraflores Locks

What is the purpose of a floating dry dock in the canal? Did you or someone you know work on this (or another) floating dry dock?  What type of work did it entail?… Continue reading

Oral Histories

If you are interested in listening to stories from the Canal Zone, as told by the people who lived there, you will want to check out the collection of fabulous oral histories we… Continue reading

Construction Crews in a Lock Chamber

This striking panoramic photograph is a favorite of the library staff who work with the collection.  It has been featured in many of our publicity materials.  Perhaps because it so well conveys the… Continue reading