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Mrs. Richard Nixon and BHS students

We know that Pat Nixon visited Balboa High School on February 24, 1955. Were you at Balboa High School when she visited or do you recognize any of the students photographed? What can you… Continue reading

Redeemer Lutheran Church and Service Center

The back of this postcard stated that the Redeemer Lutheran Church and Service Center was dedicated in November 1948. Did you attend this church? What could you tell us about it? Was the California… Continue reading

Governor Potter at the Carnival

We know this photograph was taken at the 1959 Balboa Carnival. Do you recognize anyone in the background of this photograph? What are your memories of carnival in Balboa? Please share with us… Continue reading

Balboa Post Office

We have this postcard depicting the Balboa Post Office and the back of the postcard reads: “The Balboa Post Office, a Spanish Colonial type building is located on the circular park at the foot of… Continue reading

Emblem Club

We know this photograph was taken in 1939. What can you tell us about the Emblem club? Do you recognize any of the women photographed? Please share your knowledge or memories with us… Continue reading

Panama Canal motor cars at Balboa Motor Car House

The back of this photograph reads “Claude A. Ott, Condy J. Boyle, Samuel Grier”. Can you match the names on the back of this photograph to the individual in the photograph? Can you tell us… Continue reading

Balboa Baptist Church Sunday School

This photograph was taken around 1961. Did you go to the Balboa Baptist Church? Can you identify anyone in this photograph? Were you photographed in this photo? Please share with us in the… Continue reading

Panama R.R. Station

The caption on this photograph reads ” Panama R.R. Station, Balboa, C.Z.- Old Timers Arriving Jan. 18, 1928″. Who were the Old Timers? How common were horse drawn carriages in the Canal Zone?… Continue reading

Building a bomb shelter

We know this photograph was taken at the Balboa Flats in 1942. Did a lot of families in the Canal Zone do this? What can you tell us about living in the CZ… Continue reading

Bible Class

The caption at the bottom of this photograph reads: “Baraca Philathea Bible Class Balboa C.Z., December 15, 1929”. what does “Baraca Philathea” refer to? Can you identify anyone in this photograph? Can you… Continue reading