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Ft. Kobbe Elementary

The caption in the back of this photograph reads “6th grade Ft. Kobbe Elementary Curundu students 1954-1955”. Can you identify any one of the students? Are you in this photograph? What can you… Continue reading

BHS gym interior

Unfortunately we do not have much information on this photograph. What can you tell us about this photograph? What memories do you have of the gym from your school days? Please share with… Continue reading

Curundu JHS Library

Unfortunately, we do not have much information on this record. We know it was taken around the 1960s. Do you recognize anyone in this photograph? Did you attend Curundu Junior High School? Please… Continue reading

Senior Tug-of-War

We have this interesting photograph of a tug-of-war competition, but there is no record of what high school this took place at. Can you help us identify what school this might have taken… Continue reading

Balboa High School Track Team

Hello everyone! Here we are in the second week of July, the summer is flying by! This young man in the photograph below was part of the Balboa High School Track Team during… Continue reading

Canal Zone College

The Canal Zone College occupied various buildings at different points in time, and was also called Canal Zone Junior College, Canal Zone College, and Panama Canal College throughout its history.   Are you… Continue reading

Howard Airforce Base Elementary School

This photograph of Howard Air Force Base Elementary School has no date in its record.  There doesn’t appear to be much identifying information in the image, but could anyone take a stab at… Continue reading

Gatun Elementary School

This photograph of Gatun Elementary is undated, but I’m sure there’s an auto buff out there who can help us date this photo by the cars that are parked out front! Aside from… Continue reading

Coco Solo Elementary School

This photograph of Coco Solo Elementary School is undated.  Can anyone help us add a date to its object record? Do you have a wonderful memory of attending Coco Solo Elementary?  If so,… Continue reading

Balboa Elementary

This image of Balboa Elementary School is undated.  Can anyone help us add a date to its record?  Perhaps the car on the right hand side is a clue? Please share your fond… Continue reading